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Welcome to BlytzPay!

Transform your bill collection process in a blytz. Start today to make it faster, less expensive and easier for your consumers to pay you. 

Invoice, Communicate and Collect with Text

Send a text. Get paid. Done.

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Bill Elizondo, COO of AFS Dealers, explains why he loves BlytzPay.

What BlytzPay Can Do For You

What BlytzPay Can Do For You

BlytzPay is a single, integrated system that uses text to invoice, collect from and communicate with your customers. This means: 

Faster Payment Cycles

Expand Payment Options

Transparent Reporting & Reconciliations

Stronger Relationships with your Customers

How to Get Started

Let us know how to reach you and a BlytzPay representative will be in touch. Plus, you’ll be able to download our research report on mobile payment collection trends.

Give us a call @:

Did You Know?

90% of texts are read within 90 seconds of delivery.

That’s super fast.

People check their phones an average of 96 times per day.

The best way to reach them is in the palm of their hand.

BlytzPay meets the highest standards of PCI compliance.

Resulting in state-of-the art security and data collection.

Eight out of 10 customers say they wish they could text businesses.

Now they can.

Better with Blytz

After 30 days of implementing BlytzPay, one dealer reduced collections from 8 days to 1 day.