Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Text to Pay

By March 18, 2019Uncategorized

Bluntly put, text to pay is supremely powerful in today’s mobile device-based world. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these stats:

  • 98% = The open rate of text messages
  • 95% = The amount of texts that are read within 3 minutes of receiving
  • 78% = The number of consumers who wish they could text businesses

The fact is, customers prefer messaging 9 times out of 10 (209%)! If your business doesn’t embrace pay by text, and fast, then it’s missing out on vast profit potential.

Here is absolutely everything you need to know about the what, why, how, where, and when of BlytzPay text to pay…plus all its benefits for businesses and customers alike.  

What Is Text to Pay?

Text to pay (or pay by text) is an easy-to-use SMS payment solution that allows customers to communicate with a customer service agent, receive targeted marketing, and pay routine bills via text interaction. In other words, without paper statements, downloads, and long phone wait times.

With BlytzPay, you will be able to reach your customers anytime, anywhere with streamlined text communication. Whether you need to send a bill-due alert or you want to inform your customers regarding a great new offer, the two-way text communication allows merchants increased visibility, a high response rate, and increased customer engagement. In exchange, customers enjoy freedom, convenience, and security.

This flawless mobile payment solution uses the latest wallet technology so your customers can pay securely by card, check, or cash. You can now say goodbye to outdated billing practices that get forgotten, put aside, and ignored. Text to pay makes it much easier for customers to give you top priority, paying their bills almost instantaneously in just one text response.

How Does Text to Pay Work?

If you’re worried about trying to get your customers to download yet another app…don’t. BlytzPay is 100% app-less. It can be run on any mobile device, tablet, or computer with an internet connection, making it easier to adopt, easier to use, and easier to extend. All you have to do is send your customer a text, wait for them to click on the link (which, according to the stats, takes less than 3 minutes to happen), and receive your payment.

On the customer’s end, they will receive your text, click on the link, enter their pin, select payment type, and submit. That’s it! BlytzPay makes the process fast, easy, and super convenient for both you and your customer.

BlytzPay’s text to pay API (Application Programming Interface) is a software that allows our system to talk and work together with your invoicing system to give you easy, convenient mobile payments. That’s because our APIs are built as RESTful (using the Representational State Transfer paradigm), which provides interoperability, reliability, and fast performance.

Even if your business already has its own billing platform, text to pay can be integrated with your current software so you and your employees can keep using what you already know. BlytzPay’s integrated dashboard is easy to set up, intuitive to learn, and ready to communicate and receive payments immediately.

The money and data you receive from customers will then move directly into your current software. This real-time data sync keeps you up-to-date on every bill and payment, as well as simplifies your workflow.

How Secure Is Text to Pay?

Very. Since security is our highest goal, we have met the highest global standards of consumer credit card transaction protection.

  • TCPA and PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance: We have completed and are compliant with the most stringent requirements on the planet.
  • SSL Encryption: The industry standard, we keep all of you and your customers’ data private and secure, even as it’s being transferred.
  • PIN Code Secure: We require a PIN code every time a customer tries to access their bills or account, just for that extra level of security.
  • Privacy: Because it is extremely important to you and your customers, we meet and exceed all privacy protocols to give you peace of mind. We ensure customer account information is never stored so that their valuable payment data is protected.

BlytzPay protects you and your customers from mobile payment security threats using the latest technology. That means you can keep your focus on your customers and the growth of your business.

Who Should Use Text to Pay?

Do your customers have recurring payments, such as a monthly bill? Do you want to save the planet (and money) by reducing paper invoices? Do you want to reduce overhead by reducing incoming and outgoing phone calls? Do you get tired of dealing with delinquent accounts?

If you want to give your customers a flawless billing experience, while at the same time reducing overhead for your company, your business should be using text to pay.

On the customer’s side of the equation, those who value saving their own time love the ease of making seamless payments, and those who need the security of advanced technology are prime candidates for pay by text.

Why Do Customers Like Text to Pay?

Texting is the most widely and frequently used app on smartphones, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day, and over 57% of smartphone owners already use it to do online banking. Combine these two significant statistics and you’ve got yourself a prime text to pay opportunity.

So we know that customers really love text to pay…but why?  

  1. It’s convenient: Customers don’t need to keep track of paper invoices or even have a payment method on hand. Mobile invoicing gets your bill right in front of your customer without any effort on their part. It’s extremely easy to use, without even needing to download an app. Simply by clicking on the provided link, your customer can pay their bill and be done in under 90 seconds.
  2. It’s secure: More and more people are realizing that text message billing is super safe. Customers no longer need to provide sensitive information via email or phone to a stranger on the other end. With BlytzPay, both personal and financial information is kept private and is not stored or sold.
  3. It’s informative: Customers love staying in the loop on a great deal and being able to communicate with customer service at the touch of a single button.

These three reasons make text to pay a very attractive payment option to any customer out there.

Where Can Text to Pay Be Used?

Anywhere. 24/7.

BlytzPay works as long as a personal device is connected to the internet. This levels the playing field, making the text to pay process fast, easier, and more convenient than traditional billing invoices for both you and your customer.

As far as which type of business can use pay by text, the list seems endless:

  • Utility companies for sending out monthly bills
  • Coffee shops, bars, and restaurants for their customers’ open tabs and for applying tips
  • Retail stores for sending coupons and sales promotions
  • Property management businesses for collecting rent and fees
  • Collection agencies for finally getting past due payments
  • Charities and nonprofits for accepting donations

Basically, if you are a business that bills customers, you can (and should!) implement a text to pay solution.

When Is Text to Pay a Good Idea for a Business?

It’s time to realize that you likely already have instant access to the most powerful payment tool on the planet – your customer’s cell phone number. You don’t even need to try and gather more information from your customers in order to get started on pay by text…and no longer do you need to go through the hassle of verifying your customer’s identity each time they want to pay you.

This cost-effective payment solution with its simple setup also removes human error from manually processed payments. Administrative costs will be lowered since everything is done automatically. This means no paperwork and far fewer emails and phone calls are required (especially the much-dreaded past-due payment contacts).

Make better, more informed business decisions with our Blytz Mode capability. This measures your success so you can learn about your customers in a whole new way. This robust reporting function gives you a better view of customer service interactions and how well your mobile invoicing solution is being used.

As an added bonus, your company’s risk will go down significantly due to the extremely high BlytzPay security credentials. All customer and financial information is safe and secure since we comply with the most stringent requirements of global standards. This means you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you aren’t at risk for losing data, getting hacked, or getting bad press.

As far as revenue goes, text to pay allows it to flow in faster and more effectively. Your payment cycle will be improved, and adding another form of payment option to your arsenal will generate more customer interest. Are you ready to open the door to higher profits? Watch a demo or contact BlytzPay to talk more about the endless possibilities of text to pay for your own business!