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A Seamless Way to Collect Payments

BlytzPay is a single, integrated system for invoicing, collecting from and communicating with your customers. Our text-based solution shortens your payment cycles, enhances your relationship with customers, expands payment options and puts money in your pocket.


Harness the Power of Text

Text is the most used communication platform on the planet. Why not use it to collect payments with speed, efficiency and security?


Text is Fast

90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of delivery. That’s super fast.


Text is Convenient

People check their phones an average of 96 times per day. The best way to reach them is in the palm of their hand.


Text is Easy

Remembering passwords, downloading apps, finding stamps, locating an account number or calling an office are all in the past.


Expand the Options

Give consumers a way to pay from multiple sources, including cash, making it more likely they will pay on time and in full. 


Increase Flexibility

62% of customers choose not to or cannot use a recurring bill pay system. That’s a lot of people managing their bills each month.


Increase Access

25% of Americans are unbanked or underbanked, making cash and multi-source payments essential to their financial ecosystems.


Increase Control

Giving increased control of when and how to pay is one of the things customers request most from their finance tools.

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Robyn Burkinshaw – CEO and Founder of BlytzPay – on being an advocate for both merchants and consumers.


Prioritize Security

We know you want to be your customers’ hero. Protecting their data is the best way to do that.  


Prioritize Compliance

BlytzPay meets the highest standards of PCI compliance, offering state-of-the-art security and data collection.


Prioritize Reporting

Secure data provides valuable insights. Our reports offer actionable feedback, not just a deluge of numbers.


Prioritize Speed

As a registered PayFac, BlytzPay can approve partnerships speedily and securely.


Make A Friend

Meeting humans where they are enhances relationships, allows for flexibility and builds trust. But most business’ customer engagement is expensive, siloed and slow.


Make it Easy

8 out of 10 customerssay they wish they could text businesses. Now they can.


Make it Cost Effective

Customer engagement via phone averages $7.25 per call. A two-way text communication platform is a fraction of that.


Make it Organized

Our single, secure system allows you to log conversations with customers for future reference.

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Robyn Burkinshaw – CEO and Founder of BlytzPay – on pairing digital technology with personal interactions.

Collect a Bill FAQs

Merchants who use BlytzPay independent software partners will have access to the BlytzPay platform automatically. The experience fits nicely into your current technology via robust API integration and allows merchants to send reminders and invoices in mass or one at a time. For those who are not part of an integrated software platform, BlytzPay can act as a stand-alone platform and all customer information can be uploaded or downloaded via a CSV file.

For those who have an integrated software vendor (ISV) that is using the BlytzPay platform, customer information is updated within BlytzPay via the API integration. If you are using BlytzPay as a stand-alone product, you can update a customer’s account by uploading a new CSV file or by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner of that customer’s account page.

In order to make receiving text payments simple, BlytzPay has a full suite of APIs to integrate with whatever customer management software you are currently using.

You can process a partial or full refund through BlytzPay’s text-to-pay system. Partial refunds will be recorded as a separate transaction.

BlytzPay makes it easy to pass on transaction fees or SaaS fees if you choose to do so. In some jurisdictions it is prohibited by law to pass on the fees. It is your responsibility to act in accordance with the laws where you are located.

Canceling a transaction will create a new transaction that references the initial transaction.

The integration process is different for each partner. Call or text us today to discuss specific requirements and specifications.

Yes, BlytzPay gives Merchants the ability to pick and choose the payment options they want to offer.

Per TCPA laws, a customer can opt out of the BlytzPay text-to-pay service anytime by texting “Stop” to the same number the text message came from. For these customers, BlytzPay also offers the ability to make payments via email. If the customer wishes to opt back into using text-to-pay, they can send the text message “Start” to the same number.

Customers are able to call the number that sent them the text message. BlytzPay will then redirect that call to a number of your choosing. Most often these calls will redirect to your business’s customer service or billing phone numbers.

BlytzPay is about so much more than just text payments. Once you are approved as a Merchant, BlytzPay can also be a powerful tool for sales and marketing. By utilizing text to pay, you enter into communication with your customers that is impossible with any other form of advertising. This allows you to build stronger relationships with each individual customer.

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