Effective collections, meaningful connections

Modernize your payment collection experience by prioritizing convenience, speed, and security. 

Connect with your customers where they are securely through text message. 

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Transforming payments and customer relations

Connecting you and your customers through seamless payments and real-time communication

Flexible payments, simplified collections

Accept multiple payment types and offer split payment options. Our "Promise to Pay" feature adds another layer of flexibility, making it easier for you to collect payments on time.

Seamless notes syncing for cohesive operations

Keep everyone on the same page with our notes feature that syncs seamlessly with your dealer management systems. Ensure that your team has all the information they need, when they need it.

Real-time, two-way text communication

Enhance customer relationships with our two-way text communication feature. Send real-time reminders and status updates, and receive instant responses, all within a single platform. 

Insightful reporting for data-driven decisions

Get a comprehensive view of your payment landscape with our detailed reporting tools. Make informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics.

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So many ways to collect payments

Provide your customers with the flexibility they want so you can collect payments in a blytz. Customize your account to only accept the payment types you want.

How to pay

Credit card, debit card, and even prepaid cards, even cash - or a combination of all through split payments

Where to pay

Accept payments from customers while they are at work, commuting, on the couch - accept payments from your customers where they are at

When to pay

The lights are always on when paying through BlytzPay - accept payments early, at midnight, or a later date through Promise-to-Pay

Ready to see BlytzPay in action?

With our single, integrated system, we combine invoicing, collections, and customer service, which allows for flexibility while building trust with your customers.

See how BlytzPay can help your business:

  • Collect payments faster
  • Communicate better with your customers
  • Accept multiple payment methods

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