Bill Payment. Reimagined.

Money is already stressful. Paying and collecting bills shouldn’t be. With BlytzPay, it’s text, pay, done.

Our Story

A little imagination goes a long way. 

When BlytzPay’s founder, Robyn Burkinshaw, started reimagining the bill payment process, she didn’t realize how far the journey would take her. 

Like everyone, she had paper bills that sat on her counter for weeks. She’d forgotten passwords to login to payment websites. But she also had first hand experience with how difficult it can be to pay bills when you don’t have a bank account. Or how much it costs to buy wire transfers to pay basic bills like utilities and car payments. 

She imagined a better way to pay, a way that would take advantage of the communication method we use dozens of times a day – text – and that would take hidden costs out of paying recurring bills. She imagined leveling the paying field. And BlytzPay was born. 

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General BlytzPay FAQs

BlytzPay is a company that uses text-to-pay to humanize the way businesses interact with their customers. BlytzPay’s simple software connects merchants and their consumers through texting so that payment can feel less like a transaction, and more like a conversation. By bridging this gap between buyer and seller, BlytzPay makes bill payment about the people involved, and not just their money. This allows for all consumers to have a voice no matter their circumstances.

Text messaging is the simplest way to get in touch with your customers. This is why adding BlytzPay’s services to your business is much more than just adding another software. Instead, it’s a way for you to gain better access to where your money is coming from. Whether that means accepting payments more quickly or better answering customer service questions, BlytzPay can help your business in endless ways.

BlytzPay is a web-based app, and not a mobile app. So there is no app to download onto your phone. All communication is done via text. This makes for a much smoother user experience as customers will not have to worry about downloading any additional software. Instead, it’s as easy as text, pay, done.

BlytzPay is here to help you with any questions you might have! To get in touch with us, you can email support at blytzpay dot com, chat via the yellow chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen, call us at 801-658-2212 at anytime or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. You can expect a response from our customer service team within 48 hours.

Is there a company you wish used BlytzPay? Send an email to mentioning the name of the business, and we’ll make sure to get in touch with them.

BlytzPay is an app-less technology that takes advantage of your customer’s cell phone. The customer receives a text message with an invoice link. To pay this link, they must authenticate their information while also using a PIN code to login each time they make a payment. The safety measures built into our software meet all PCI compliance rules. No more reading credit card numbers over the phone or unprotected lists of customers’ information!

BlytzPay’s text-to-pay services can fit into nearly any company, from any industry. Contact us today to see how BlytzPay can work in your industry.

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13937 Sprague Lane
Suite 150
Draper, UT 84020

13937 Sprague Lane
Suite 150
Draper, UT 84020